This space is provided for serious reflection on the state of nonviolence in our culture.  There are many examples of how violence dominates our lives, this space is available for you to share how nonviolence is being used to overcome that cultural dominance.  Please be mindful that words also have a way of being violent.  If we can work together to promote nonviolence, then perhaps we can move ourselves ever so slightly towards peace.

Max Weber wrote that government is the entity we empower with the legitimate use of violence. As the only morally legitimate use of violence is to counter the illegitimate use of violence, then government is charged with identifying and defending against those who would use violence illegitimately. When we think of violence we think mostly of spilled blood and broken bones. Violence can take on many other forms:
- social violence prevents some citizens from fully realizing the protections of the government
- financial violence uses predatory means to preempt normal market forces to eliminate competition and take control of free markets
- institutional violence results in public policy and procedures that hold no person accountable for their outcomes.

The reason government has become so large is because we as citizens are prone to use violence against each other when we think it will gain us an advantage. If we treat each other as equals, if we engage in fair business practices, if we respect the differences of our various heritages and do not hold one above the other, then we can reduce the violence we perpetrate and thereby reduce the size of the entity empowered to counter the illegitimate use of violence.

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